TeleHear℠ offers many great benefits.

Better than Online Hearing Aid Retailers

TeleHear℠ doesn’t sell hearing aids online. Director of TeleHear℠, Dr. Kent Collins, Au.D, personally analyzed the online hearing aid market and determined that online retailers may have low prices, but they did not result in patient satisfaction.

Dr. Collins, set out to create a service that would offer both amazing patient care and satisfaction along with the excellent prices of online retailers. TeleHear℠ does just that.

“Most new users of hearing aids prefer to have approximately 75-80% of their prescriptive levels programmed into their hearing aids,” says Dr. Collins. “Over the first few weeks as patients acclimate to better hearing, we reprogram their hearing aids until we get their full prescription.”

This is something that online retailers simply can’t offer. To reprogram your hearing aids, you would have to ship them to the retailer, wait for them to process and complete your request, and then ship them back, potentially leaving you without hearing aids for weeks on end.

Hearing changes over time. With TeleHear℠, our local clinics can retest your hearing and reprogram your hearing aids in just a few minutes at a regular checkup. Our goal will always be to provide the best possible experience for our patients, because that’s what matters most.

A Team of Experts is Better than One

Much like how the Mayo Clinic utilizes a team of expert physicians to diagnose and treat patients, TeleHear℠ allows our experienced Doctors of Audiology to consult directly with hearing care providers from your local office. This all-in-one team in your office can solve long-standing issues that other treatment attempts may have failed to address.

Our patients and their family members benefit from the years of combined experience that this method offers, including technical and hands-on knowledge that can greatly impact quality of life. Countless patients who have enjoyed the TeleHear℠ experience now hear and understand their friends and family crystal clear.

Our doctors offer the best hearing loss treatment options, including state-of-the-art hearing aids. On top of this, our doctors are authorized by the manufacturer to offer trade-in incentives for old hearing aid models, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

All the Safety & Confidence of a Doctor’s Office Visit, None of the Hassle

A virtual video consultation with a doctor might seem odd at first, but nearly all of our patients report that, after the initial awkwardness of communicating over the internet, they actually loved the interaction.

Patients say that they feel like the doctor is right there, sitting beside them throughout the consultation. Patients and family members enjoy the ability to ask questions directly to friendly, professional, and qualified experts.

A Quick and Comprehensive Virtual Consultation

TeleHear℠ consultations with doctors of audiology generally last 20-30 minutes. You don’t have to dedicate a big chunk of your time to driving around town, waiting in line, sitting in a waiting room, and driving home.

Your doctor will review your medical history and hearing health history as well as your current test results during the consultation. They’ll then outline the best available treatment options for you and begin working with your local provider on the best rehabilitation plan for you.

Help for New and Current Hearing Aid Users

Our doctors see all kinds of new patients who are scheduled in our clinics. Even if you’re a current hearing aid user, our doctors will consult with you, helping you make decisions about your hearing health that will bring you the most beneficial outcome.

We encourage patients who may be frustrated with their current hearing aids, experiencing frequent technical issues, or having difficulty with hearing aid repairs to consult with our TeleHear℠ experts. Again, our doctors can help you trade in your old, defective hearing aids for top-of-the-line models for an amazing discount.