About TeleHear

TeleHear℠ brings Doctors of Audiology into your office virtually, offering your office access to the best hearing care.

About TeleHear℠

First, a video connection is established with the overseeing practitioner, the in-clinic patient and a TeleHear℠ consultant. Then, the TeleHear℠ consultant collaborates with the local practitioner to review the diagnosis and offer any needed advice. This collaborative effort helps the patient through their individual hearing journey.

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  • When To Use TeleHear℠?

  • New patient consultations
  • Upgrade opportunities
  • Return prevention
  • Medical cases (Tinnitus, Meniere’s disease, previous surgeries, etc.)
  • Vocational rehab/insurance
  • Auditory processing issues
  • Consulting with family members not present

How It Works


Patient complete case history with local office


Hearing care professional performs hearing test


Hearing care professional connects to a TeleHear℠ consultant with their patient


Over a video conference, the overseeing practitioner, the patient and the TeleHear℠ consultant walk through the patient’s audiogram results and recommend a solution that fit their hearing needs.

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