About TeleHear

TeleHear brings Doctors of Audiology into the homes of our current patients, offering access to the best hearing care.

About TeleHear

TeleHear allows our current patients to video chat with an Audiologist who can help assess needs an offer any needed advice, including assisting with programming and troubleshooting hearing devices.

TeleHear is the practice of using telecommunications technology to evaluate and care for patients with hearing aids at a distance. Visits are done using video conferencing over the internet. The patient and audiologist communicate using an application designed for the purpose. The patient may participate using a personal computer with a webcam or smart mobile device with a built-in video camera.

TeleHear is a great way for our patients to get specialty care, especially if they are unable to leave their home due to injury or illness.

  • Benefits of TeleHear?

  • Less exposure to illness
  • Save time and money from commuting
  • Adjustments made in your home environment

How It Works


Patient complete case history with local office


Hearing care professional performs hearing test


Hearing care professional connects to a TeleHear consultant with their patient


Over a video conference, the overseeing practitioner, the patient and the TeleHear consultant walk through the patient’s audiogram results and recommend a solution that fit their hearing needs.

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