Rev. Paul


Just a short note of thanks to you and Dr. Kent Collins for helping me select my new hearing aids. I appreciate the computer link-up with Dr. Collins so that we could talk to him direct and in real-time. It was great that he could view the results of the hearing test and make his recommendations.

His suggestion that I try out a pair of hearing aids for a week was appreciated. I got to do a test drive before I purchased them.

I knew the first day that they were just what I needed. There was so much feedback on my old hearing aids that they sat in the drawer of my dresser about 90% of the time. I just could not wear them and be comfortable.

Now I wear my new hearing aids daily, all day long. Just last night I went to bed with the hearing aids still in my ears and had to get back up and put them away. I can hear now without asking people to repeat themselves and the feedback problem has been eliminated.

Please forward my thanks to Dr. Collins the next time you speak with him.

Thank you again for your help.


Rev. Paul Leyvas
Sun City, AZ

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